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Would you like to give an original package that arouses curiosity in recipients? This ‘Zero Waste’ package is surprising, circular, prevents food waste and contains very nice metal crates. Dutch households waste an average of 34 kilos of solid food per person per year. There are many nice companies that respond to this: they make products from food that normally does not reach the consumer, but is thrown away.
Thousands of employees have already been surprised with this theme and the response has been overwhelming! Also provoke such a reaction? Donate this package, because in addition to happy recipients, you also give something back to society.

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  • € 37,50
  • € 25,00
  • € 50,00
  • Metalen opbergkist (groen)
  • Metalen opbergkisten (groen&grijs)
  • Metalen opbergkist (grijs)
  • SENZA Rectangle Hyacinth Tray
  • Leger des Heils kist 2-lats
  • SuperWaste Backpack Shopper
  • Bambook uitwisbaar Notitieboek
  • Uitruk tasje ReMade
  • Basket van autobanden

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